Pizza: The Perfect Food For A Celebration

Is there anything better than getting friends together? Thinking about inviting friends over for dinner is always a lot of fun. But for some people, thinking about the dishes to offer in the evening may be unexciting. How about taking this opportunity to order a delicious Pesto Craft pizza in the comfort of your own home?

There are several advantages to ordering delivery. You’ll enjoy more time with your friends, you’ll avoid a huge mess in the kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy the most varied pizza options on the Pesto Craft menu and thus please the palate of all guests, you’ll save on going to the supermarket for buy the ingredients and the best: you will be able to relax.

And you know what’s best at Pesto Craft? We have an exclusive catering menu so you can choose the meal that will satisfy all your friends, and at a great price. We have delicious meals that serve up to 25 people!

But our pizzas really are the best option for a fun night out. That’s because we have options for all tastes. If you have vegan friends, don’t worry: order our VEGAN PIE, made with Cauliflower Crust, Roasted Eggplant, Broccolini, Portobello Mushroom, House Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil, Daiya Vegan Cheese.

Are any of your friends on a ketogenic diet? They can also have pizza with you! Order our KETO PIZZA, made with Cauliflower Crust, Artichoke, Baby Spinach, Mozzarella Cheese, Topped with Balsamic Drizzle.

For those who like a typical Italian pizza, don’t think twice about ordering our wonderful MARGHERITA, made with Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Basil, Organic Tomato Sauce.

Now, if you and your friends like a more differentiated pizza flavor, you can’t miss our PESTO ARTICHOKE, made with Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Pesto, Grilled Artichoke, Topped with Parmesan. A real explosion of flavors!

And why choose Pesto Craft pizza to celebrate with friends? Simply because we are an Italian restaurant that serves only the best for its customers. Our ingredients are organic and are always fresh as they are sourced from local producers and our dishes are all delicious to please even the most discerning palates.

At Pesto Craft we offer the best service and quality you won’t find anywhere. Be sure to gather your friends and order one of our delicious pizzas. Or take advantage of the other options on our menu. Surely you and your friends will fall in love!

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