Italian Food Guide: Types of Pasta

Between noodles, lasagna, sauces and sometimes a little wine, meetings always get better when they have Italian pasta and sauces! Did you know that there are over 300 varieties of pasta in Italian cuisine? 

Yes, it ‘s true! That’s why Pesto Craft has decided to bring together for you some of the most popular types of pasta – and you can find some of them on our menu.


Spaghetti is a type of thin and long noodles, extremely consumed around the world. The classic Italian recipe was made by hand, using just water and flour. Nowadays, it is also common to find eggs in its composition.

Once cooked, it is very soft and clear. The great feature of spaghetti is its versatility. It can be combined with many types of sauces for pasta, meat and vegetables. That’s why it’s one of the most loved noodles for pasta lovers!

On the Pesto Craft menu: SPAGHETTI PRIMAVERA, made with Spinach, Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Garlic and Marinara Sauce


Short and thin tube typical of Campania. When it comes with the description “rigati” it means that it has ribs or grooves that help to retain sauce and make it juicier. In fact, this rule applies to all rigati pasta. Ideal for tomato and stir-fry sauces.

On the Pesto Craft menu: PENNE DIAVOLO, made with Roasted Garlic, Fiery Tomato Sauce, Spicy Sausage, Bell Pepper, Red Onion


“Small ribbons”, in Italian. It is a pasta made from egg and flour that is very popular in Roman cuisine. Also long and flat, it is wider than the linguine and tagliatelle, typical of Bologna. 

It is usually eaten with beef ragù or chicken ragù. It’s most common in the fresh version, but there are also dry versions. The colored versions usually have carrots, beets and spinach. 

On the Pesto Craft menu: SHRIMP SCAMPI, made with Garlic, White Wine, Lemon, Fresh Herbs, Cherry Tomato, Spinach over Fettucini


Ravioli is a square pasta that, nowadays, is stuffed. However, when it first appeared, its purpose was to be used for broths and soups. The first stuffed ravioli were made of ricotta and herbs and, over time, other contents were added to it.

Like spaghetti, ravioli can be accompanied by various sauces. The most common are sugo and white.

On the Pesto Craft menu: QUATRO FORMAGGIO RAVIOLI, made with 6 Cheese Ravioli, House Marinara, Pecorino Romano

Feel like trying these delicious pastas? So don’t waste any more time: come visit us and taste the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer!

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