3 Reasons to Drink Wine in Winter

We know that you don’t need a reason to drink wine but enjoying a good glass on the coldest nights makes the drink even more delicious, doesn’t it?

Nobody can resist a good wine when the temperature drops, both in romantic encounters and family gatherings. Enjoyed with friends or even alone, the drink harmonizes with the thickest dishes typical of winter, such as soups, fondues, pastas, risottos and meats, in addition to being a great accompaniment to watch movies and brighten conversations.

There are many reasons, but here are 3 main reasons to drink wine in winter.

1- Harmonizes with typical winter dishes

As we’ve already talked about, wine is the main drink when we think about winter gastronomic combinations.

Pizzas go well with fuller-bodied wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Cheese fondue calls for reds like Merlot. If the order is a barbecue, each meat harmonizes with a type: breast and skirt steak with Merlot and sirloin steak with Tannats, for example.

On colder days, the traditional wine and cheese night is a great choice to receive friends. Pair gorgonzola with a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Tannat.

At Pesto Craft, how about ordering our delicious PESTO PERFECTO, made with Craft Pesto, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Arugula, Cherry Tomato and pairing it with our ET CETERA – CABERNET wine? The perfect match!

As for dessert, the tip of harmonizing is with muscatel sparkling wine, which goes well with any type of sweet. Fortified and sweetened wines are great input and output companions for winter meals, as well as being a good company for a chat throughout the night.

2- Brings health benefits

When consumed in the correct way and in the correct amount, wine has proven health benefits. Due to the numerous studies currently carried out, we know that the drink contains a complex and concentrated mixture of healthy chemical substances, called polyphenols, which can positively affect many functions in our body.

Drinking the drink can help the immune system, improve heart health, help with physical conditioning and improve the quality of life, not only for the taste and pleasure we feel when tasting, but also for the benefits.

3- Warms up

You’ve probably already noticed that when consuming a certain amount of wine, we feel the warming sensation of the body, haven’t you? This is because wine, like all alcoholic beverages, acts as a vasodilator: it increases the diameter of blood vessels, making blood flow through the arteries more easily, causing heat loss and causing the body’s periphery to heat up – that generates the feeling of heat.

This, biologically, can be just a sensation, but it makes the experience of tasting a good wine during the cold days even more pleasant!

How about taking advantage of the colder months to come to Pesto Craft with your friends and enjoy our wines and our super varied menu? You will surely love it!

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